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Hood Clean Bros is a cleaning company based in Chicago, IL. We offer personalized commercial kitchen cleaning services that will suit your needs. 

Get to know our dedicated hood cleaning Chicago service and the work we do as a commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning company. Call our office today!

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Eliminate Your Kitchen Cleaning To-Do List

Kitchen cleaning is one of those essential chores that seem to be never-ending. The task of cleaning the kitchen equipment, kitchen hood and duct, kitchen hood filters, and all the appliances can be discouraging. That is why Hood Clean Bros is here to take off the deep and full cleaning tasks on your plate.


With a professional hood cleaning Chicago company by your side, you can focus on the things that should matter most — running your business! Hood Clean Bros take pride in our kitchen restaurant cleaning services, including:

Hood Filter Service

Hood filters are attached to the inside of your kitchen hood, which is why it is sometimes overlooked. However, not cleaning the hood filter can damage the entire kitchen hood and equipment. Plus, it will prevent proper circulation of air. We offer quality hood filter service in Chicago. Worry no more, our professional hood cleaners will do extensive hood filter inspection and cleaning. 

Restaurant Cleaning Service

Your restaurant’s kitchen is where the magic happens, and as a top-rated commercial cleaning company in Chicago, IL, we are committed to providing exceptional restaurant cleaning services.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Service

Hood Clean Bros has been providing kitchen equipment cleaning services throughout Chicago. We got your precious tools and equipment covered! Burnt-on grease? Consider it scraped! We understand how important these things are, so you can be comfortable letting us handle them.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning Service

The role of a kitchen exhaust fan is to remove any foul odor or moisture from the kitchen. But the air being sucked out of the room carries dirt and bacteria that could get stuck inside the commercial exhaust system. We are capable of getting rid of this greasy mess.

Rooftop Grease Containment

We take greasy problems seriously because they create more issues and risks. Our rooftop grease containment program will handle the maintenance, cleaning, and even the necessary reports you might need.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Chicago Service

Our professionally trained kitchen hood cleaners specialize in making the hood range look brand new again. Medium to a high level of cooking creates more dirt and grease that needs to be cleared right away.

Tired of the greasy mess in your kitchen? Hood Clean Bros can disinfect and clean every surface in your kitchen. Get in touch with our hood cleaners today!

When We Say Bright & Shiny, We Mean Bright & Shiny!

Hood Clean Bros Chicago
Personalized Cleaning Plan

Hood Clean Bros offer customized commercial kitchen cleaning services that will fit your needs, time, and budget. Our experts and specialists are open to discussing your kitchen problems. 

Proven Track Record And A Number of Happy, Satisfied Customers

We have been providing our expertise on hood cleaning for years and have accumulated quite a long list of satisfied customers. Our proven track record is backed by our consistent high-quality cleaning services, affordable pricing, and visible results. What we value most is that the kitchen cleaning problems of our customers are resolved, and we maintain positive business relationships.

Industry-Grade Tools and Equipment to Strike All Dirt and Stains

Having the right tools and equipment can massively improve the kitchen cleaning process. Obviously, it is important to have the correct tools for the job in order to minimize mistakes and issues that may arise along the way.

Qualified Hood Cleaning Chicago

It is especially helpful when the restaurant cleaning company you will hire comes with the right equipment and the skill and expertise to accomplish the task at hand. Whether you need restaurant cleaning or grease containment, Hood Clean Bros is at your service.

Whether you need to sanitize all the surfaces, deep clean kitchen vents, or minimize injuries and health issues, Hood Clean Bros has the expertise that will get the job done properly the first time.


Get your free quotation or schedule an appointment with our Chicago, IL professional hood cleaners today!

Types of Commercial Kitchens We Make Spick-And-Span Again

  • Restaurants

With our Chicago restaurant cleaning services, you will get a fresh new look and feel in your work environment. Food establishments are spaces that use a high level of cooking, thus constant cleaning is required by the local rules and regulations.

  • Senior Home Care

Keeping the kitchen in senior home care facilities is important to ensure the safety and health of the residents. Seniors tend to be more prone to acquiring diseases, hence regular kitchen cleaning is necessary.

  • Hotels

Most of the time, hotels and B&B’s cater to hundreds of guests. The cooking operation in hotels is just like other food establishments – continuous and at a high level. Our kitchen cleaning services and solutions will definitely handle your kitchen mess effectively.

  • Schools

School cafeterias work at a fast pace due to the steady flock of students. For this main reason, dirt, food debris, and grease can be found everywhere in the kitchen. Food safety practices are imposed in canteens to safeguard the students and make the workplace healthier for everyone.

  • Companies and Business Offices

Having a dirty office kitchen can create a negative reflection on your business. Employees leave a little mess from time to time that could attract pests like cockroaches and rodents. Keep the office kitchen clean to help make the work breaks enjoyable.

  • Hospitals

The hospital kitchen is another place where maintaining kitchen cleanliness is expected. It is critical for the safety of the employees and visitors, but especially for the patients. Hood Clean Bros has commercial kitchen cleaning services in Chicago that will reduce health risks coming from the kitchen.




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