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Food businesses are required to follow a specific standard of cleanliness in order to guarantee the health and safety of their products and services. Hood Clean Bros is a top-rated commercial cleaning company in Chicago, IL that can help you meet that requirement.

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You need rooftop grease containment service! It is a process of cleaning the fumes and grease that got trapped on the ventilation and oil discharge on the rooftop.


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Here’s What You Should Know About Rooftop Grease Containment in Chicago


The rooftop grease containment system is used by restaurants and food establishments to protect the roof from getting damaged by grease. It is crucial that every commercial establishment with kitchens, especially those that are operating at a high level, must have a fire prevention system.


Bubbling grease on the roof is not just an eyesore, but an expensive mess. The first step to protecting your customers and business is by contacting professionals like Hood Clean Bros who are experienced in these types of kitchen problems.


Cleaning the system is essential to avoid any long-term roof damage that may result in expensive and time-consuming replacement or repairs. Rooftop leaks that are ignored could result in:


  • Degradation of the building structure
  • Ignite a fire
  • Cause trip and fall hazards
  • Attract pests like rodents, bugs, and roaches
  • Noncompliance to the local codes
  • Violation and penalties in regards to set of standards

The rooftop grease containment systems have various components which include:


  • Layers of heavy-duty oil absorbent filters that encapsulate the oil and grease leak.
  • Custom rod holder that allows easy access to the filters.
  • Rail locks that keep the filters in place.


Unfortunately, some rooftop grease containment systems cannot catch on to the up blasts caused by the failure of commercial exhaust systems. And once its filtration meets its maximum threshold, it could either break or cause serious hazards.


For that reason, it is highly recommended to conduct inspection and containment on a regular basis. Each of these roof containment system parts must be checked and cleaned to ensure that the system is doing its job. 

Rooftop Grease Containment Services That You Can Trust!

Hood Clean Bros is a trusted name when it comes to providing kitchen hood cleaning services. Our customized kitchen cleaning services have helped numerous business owners have peace of mind. We have professional hood cleaners who can make the whole kitchen cleaning process:

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  • Fast
  • Efficient

The goal of our customers is always paramount. Our hood cleaning services in Chicago, IL are designed to protect our customers and their businesses from the harmful effects of rooftop grease discharge.

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Hood Clean Bros delivers the best quality of kitchen cleaning services. Our Chicago, IL hood cleaners are trained to face even the hardest, most challenging issues. 


  • Our team consists of trained and fast-acting professionals
  • We have the right knowledge, modern technology, and top-quality equipment for cleaning
  • Our approaches and methods for cleaning the rooftop grease containment system is efficient, saves time, money, and a lot of stress
  • We offer unique solutions for our clients
  • We are more concerned about effectively protecting our customers and the environment


Grease could cause hazardous problems. Do not waste one more day, call our office to set a time and date for consultation with our experts.




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