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Achieving a spotless kitchen range hood starts with planning for a successful cleaning. And a trusted hood cleaning company is an important part of that journey.


Hood cleaning is not an easy task. Your kitchen range hood should not only be squeaky clean but also ensure that it is safe to produce food. For that reason, you need a seasoned hood cleaning crew skilled in kitchen equipment cleaning. Only the cleanest, highest-quality equipment can ensure that both employees and customers get the best experience. 


Hood Clean Bros is ready to help you. We are a local restaurant cleaning company with years of experience and the best hood expertise and cleaning strategies and are bringing true value to Evanston’s communities. Our aim is to spread awareness about proper kitchen and hood cleaning. To understand how keeping kitchen equipment clean and safe is crucial for success, contact us! Let our expert hood cleaners share their knowledge and experience in kitchen and hood cleaning.

Here is what you can get from our Hood Clean Evanston, IL:

  • A comprehensive hood cleaning that your customers will appreciate.
  • Performance of the right hood cleaning practices.
  • A team of dedicated Evanston restaurant sanitizing experts to improve the aesthetic and efficiency of your kitchen area.

Contact Hood Clean Bros now to get details about our Hood Clean Evanston, IL. Our specialist would be happy to tell you more about what we offer.

Regular Kitchen & Hood Cleaning = More Profit


Kitchen cleaning gives your work area the boost it needs in both efficiency and effectiveness, making it your top priority and the reason more customers will come to you.


So what are other Evanston restaurants are doing?


They are giving emphasis on restaurant and hood cleaning by hiring local kitchen and hood cleaning companies. The employees and customers benefit from a clean and safe kitchen with no risk of hazards or contamination. 


The food preparation process will go smoothly and the customers will have a happy and full tummy!

How often should the kitchen exhaust hood go through deep cleaning?

  • The National Fire Protection Associate suggests that the frequency should be:


    • Weekly to Monthly when the operation involves wood and charcoal burning or the cooking intensity is high.


    • Six Times Per Year To Quarterly when the cooking operations involve fast-food meals and hamburgers.


    • Semiannual to Annually when the food preparation is low volume. For example, cooking for day camps, church gatherings, and senior care centers. 


    Still unsure about how often you must require deep cleaning of the exhaust hood? Talk with our experts today and we will provide insights right away, and provide pricing estimates for your hood cleaning needs.


    The Best Hood Clean Evanston, IL Is Here!

    Hood Clean Bros is one of the most trusted hood cleaning companies in the Evanston area. We have helped save businesses from getting closed due to health and safety concerns, as we plan ahead of time so we can deliver unparalleled restaurant cleaning services. 

    Evanston deep restaurant cleaning job

    Our process:


    • We will inspect the exhaust hood system. It is important to do pre-cleaning checks before the cleaning begins. Our hood experts and technicians will identify anything unusual in the exhaust hood and address it accordingly.
    • We will make sure the kitchen range hood fan is off. The safety of our hood cleaners and other people involved in the process is at the front of our minds. Our hood cleaners will take all precautions seriously and will not begin cleaning until the entire process is safe.
    • We will prepare the kitchen for cleaning. Keeping the rest of the appliances safe is important even if we are only cleaning the kitchen hood. The collection of grease and food debris could get messy and we do not want them to spill over the appliances. 
    • We will clean the hood filters, hood vents, and ducts. Once everything is secure, our local hood cleaners will begin the cleaning process. Our teams consist of both seasoned cleaners and technicians.
    • We will re-install the hood filters and other components. The last step is to put the hood filters back in their place before performing post-cleaning checks to make sure no faults or damages have occurred during the cleaning process.

    Hood Clean Bros Is The First Choice For Hood Clean Evanston, IL

    You have put money on the table, invested your own resources to ensure your business is up to standard and its products are fit for the market. Restaurant cleaning is a tough task not for the faint of heart, but do not let one thing ruin everything you have worked for. Consult with a professional kitchen and hood cleaning company and ask about the restaurant cleaning services they have.


    cleaned restaurant kitchen

    Hood Clean Bros is a local restaurant cleaning company ready to join your journey. 


    Over the years, we have developed our skills and knowledge in the practice of sanitization. We know the best kitchen cleaning practices and processes that can dramatically improve your restaurant and, most of all, increase the efficiency and aesthetic of the kitchen area. 


    Want peace of mind about the safety and cleanliness of your business? We’ve got you covered!  If you want your kitchen or exhaust hood cleaned right away, contact us. Hood Clean Bros offers only the best restaurant cleaning services. 




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