Chicago Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service

With your kitchen hood system working non-stop, food debris and grease are sure to build upon the exhaust fan. Hood Clean Bros is here to provide safe and efficient kitchen cleaning services in Chicago, IL.

What does that entail and how much will all the services cost? Get in touch with us and we will discuss the full details of our commercial exhaust system cleaning.


Protect Your Business From Devastating Disasters

When the kitchen range hood is being used at full force, the moist and grease that the exhaust system is pulling could get trapped in the fans and vents causing poor air suction which could eventually cause the whole ventilation system to fail.

If you let grease and dirt sit on exhaust fans for a long time, the working condition of the vent will significantly decrease. That is a big problem.

Just imagine what happens if a flame flares upon and makes contact with the exhaust hood causing the trapped oil and grease to ignite. Significant grease residue on the exterior and interior of the kitchen exhaust fan can help spread the fire.


Save yourself from experiencing headaches. Hire Hood Clean Bros! What you need right now is a top-rated commercial cleaning company in Chicago, IL. 


  • We do regular exhaust fan maintenance and check-ups
  • We can perform inspections and find signs of vent line clogging
  • We can remove any obstruction in the ventilation system


Here’s a breakdown of how our professional hood cleaners can help:


  • First, we will inspect the kitchen hood and exhaust and locate the source of the problem.


  • Second, our trained personnel will prepare the essential cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment needed to perform the task.


  • Third, all our employees know how important it is to keep everyone safe, so we will use safety gear such as rubber gloves, masks, and eye protection. These things will help prevent health and other issues from arising.
  • Fourth, after determining the challenges and getting equipped, it is time to remove the grease. Our hood cleaners will carefully detach the exhaust fan from the vents and begin the process of cleaning.
  • Fifth, once every component of the exhaust fan is shiny again, our team will put the system back together and get it ready for use again.


We know that some commercial cleaning companies in Chicago, IL, seem too good to be true. Hood Clean Bros is different, however. 

Our team has a strong sense of commitment and determination to help our customers. If you want to get a hold of our services, please contact our office.

Customized Kitchen Cleaning Services in Chicago, IL

Besides the dangerous fumes lurking in your kitchen, when the kitchen exhaust fan is left uncleaned, and on a regular basis, it can create serious problems like damage to other kitchen equipment or ignite a fire. Know that it is incredibly important to have the kitchen hood and duct, as well as the entire ventilation system cleaned on a regular basis.

Hood Clean Bros offers a personalized kitchen exhaust cleaning service in Chicago which involves:

kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Agreeing on the best time and date to perform the exhaust cleaning services.
  • Displaying commitment and eagerness to come up with the best approach to your needs. 
  • Considering the values and vision of our customers when planning and preparing our kitchen exhaust cleaning approach, tools, cleaning solutions, and other equipment.
  • Ensuring that your budget is put to good work and no time is wasted.


A good custom hood and duct cleaning company has trained Chicago, IL hood cleaners and solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Let us talk about what cleaning services you need. Leave us a message or call our Hood Clean Bros representative.

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Do not wait until there is nothing you can do anymore! Kitchen equipment, kitchen hood filters, and kitchen exhaust fans require constant maintenance and cleaning. 

Interested in hiring our professional hood cleaners? Or still, need more information about our commercial cleaning company? Either way, set up a phone consultation with our expert hood cleaners to get answers to your questions.




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