Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Service

Five-Star Kitchen Equipment Cleaning in Chicago, IL

How upsetting is it to see burnt-on stains on your kitchen equipment? That would be a huge turn-off for the customers. Your kitchen equipment deserves extensive cleaning!

Hood Clean Bros will ensure that no guest or customer will leave and do not want to come back to your business. Call our office to learn about our kitchen equipment cleaning.


Types of Kitchen Equipment We Clean

Restoring the clean look of your kitchen equipment will not only increase the curb appeal of your workplace but massively improve the quality of work produced.


Here is our list of the essential kitchen cooking equipment we help make squeaky clean:

  • Commercial Broilers and Fryers

These two types of kitchen equipment are often used non-stop. The residue left such as oil and food particles get sucked on their bottom and sides. But, do not worry, such a sticky problem is easy to solve.

  • Kitchen Grills

Sizzling BBQ, grilled corn, grilled romaine salad, who would not want these, right? Kitchen grills bring tasty food that people love. It also produces thicker and harder to remove food debris. As part of our kitchen restaurant cleaning services, our team will extensively clean and sanitize the grills.

  • Set of Frying Pans

Deep fryers and frying pans are typically used for cooking meat and fries which are two of the most popular dishes on the menu. That said, this kitchen equipment is constantly being used and accumulating more food debris. An uncleaned pan harbor molds and bacteria that can cause health issues. 

  • Kitchen Range

This kitchen equipment is a common component of every commercial kitchen. It combines the oven and stovetop to make the cooking process a hundred times quick and easy. It is also one of the most used in the kitchen, thus collecting more burn-on food debris and grease. Our kitchen cleaning services are a great way to keep your equipment stylish and functioning well.

    Aside from the cooking equipment, we can also wipe stains away from the kitchen storage equipment such as:

        • Ice Machines and Freezer
        • Refrigerators
        • Commercial Shelvings
        • Beverage Dispensers

    Hood Clean Bros want nothing but neat and guiltless kitchen equipment for you. You can access our customized kitchen cleaning services by getting in touch with our friendly representative. 

    Why Choose Hood Clean Bros to Clean Your Kitchen Equipment?

    • Fast to act and can handle big or small challenges

    Speed is a key characteristic that makes our trained personnel different from the rest. You can expect our Chicago, IL hood cleaners to respond to your needs quickly. And there are no disasters that we cannot handle.

    • Cleaning resources that will accommodate your needs

    As a top-rated commercial cleaning company in Chicago, IL, we are never short on trained personnel and technicians, industry-grade cleaning equipment, and kitchen cleaning supplies that will make the kitchen equipment like new.

    Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
    • Flexible and personalized kitchen equipment cleaning solutions

    Our strategies are designed to finish the job successfully. Not only that, our approach speeds up the kitchen cleaning process but has the same outstanding result. 

    • Experienced and industry experts

    From frying pans, kitchen hood filters, to commercial exhaust systems, Hood Clean Bros can ensure all surfaces of your kitchen equipment are restored, sanitized, and ready for use once more. We have knowledge and skills when it comes to odor removal, mold removal, and burnt-on removal.

    Get these greasy problems out of your kitchen today! Call Hood Clean Bros and let us begin talking about the best approach to your kitchen cleaning problems.




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