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Rockford, IL Restaurant Cleaning Services

Hood Clean Bros is your one-stop shop for hood cleaning, kitchen appliance cleaning, and more. We have years of professional experience in restaurant cleaning services in Rockford, IL and we are ready to help you.

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Hood Clean Bros is Your Trusted Kitchen and Hood Cleaning Company in Rockford


You need a reliable restaurant cleaning company in Rockford, IL that will provide the services you need at a price you can afford. This is where Hood Clean Bros comes into the picture.


As a professional hood cleaning company in Rockford, we know what is needed to keep restaurants up to code. Our technicians are experts and skilled at commercial hood cleaning and can guarantee that your kitchen and appliances will be left in pristine condition.

We do all kinds of commercial kitchen and restaurant cleaning such as:

      • Restaurant exterior power washing.
      • Commercial appliance cleaning.
      • Kitchen exhaust cleaning.
      • And more!

Get your Rockford restaurant cleaning quote from a reliable company. Contact us to help make your kitchen sparkle.

Hood Clean Bros Rockford, IL Cleaning Services


Hood Clean Bros offers state-of-the-art kitchen cleaning services. The goal of our services is to ensure commercial kitchens are safe, clean, and in compliance with all applicable codes.


With years of experience in kitchen and hood cleaning in Rockford, we know the right solutions for your needs. Our team is determined to handle the needs of your kitchen with exceptional results. We can assist in minimizing the risk of fire and accidents and improve your business appearance significantly. 


For more information regarding Hood, Clean Bros can help your business, see our cleaning services below.

  • Rockford Restaurant Cleaning


    The NFPA is strict when it comes to risks of contamination, smoke levels, and excess heat that can cause fires. Non-compliance with the state and federal standards can result in huge fines.


    Hood Clean Bros can help you avoid all restaurant cleaning problems. We conduct our services with genuine consideration for all our clients and our technicians understand and follow all industry standards.


    Kitchen Equipment Cleaning


    Do you need kitchen equipment cleaning in Rockford? Let our contractors help you. Discuss your needs with our customer support and we will match you with the right service for your requirements.


    We can agree on the best date and time to come or have an initial consultation.


    Exhaust Fan Cleaning


    Our hood cleaning crew works hard to ensure Rockford restaurants are in full compliance with the local standards. You can count on us to provide the best restaurant hood cleaning.


    A dirty kitchen exhaust system is a big deal. We will remove all grease and dirt from the exhaust fan using proven cleaning solutions to greatly reduce any potential risks and make it look brand new.


    Hood Clean Bros has years of professional exhaust fan cleaning experience and we are proud to serve Rockford, IL, and all of Chicago Metro.


    Rooftop Grease Containment


    Do not mess around with rooftop grease containment. Keep it clean and up to code all the time. Grease accumulation is a fire hazard that can make you go out of business.


    Rooftop grease containment is one of the most important restaurant equipment to clean regularly. However, sometimes, it does not receive enough cleaning and maintenance. A lack of maintenance can cause structural damage and even burn down the entire building.


    We follow strict standards and ethical approaches when dealing with rooftop grease containment.

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    Grease and fumes are flammable and can easily cause a fire, so frequent restaurant cleaning is needed to eliminate fire threats completely. As a reliable Rockford, IL restaurant cleaning company, Hood Clean Bros will check crevices and hard-to-reach spaces and get rid of dirt and grease accumulation. We follow techniques of cleaning that will get rid of all the dangers in your kitchen.

    power washing kitchen exhaust hood

    Get your kitchen exhaust cleaning done by trusted Rockford professionals. Hood Clean Bros’ skilled technicians are the best you will find in Rockford, IL when it comes to cleaning commercial range hoods, appliances, and more.


    As a skilled cleaning team, we are proud to give unmatched customer service and consideration for your budget. To discuss the cost to have restaurant or kitchen cleaning, call us.




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