Wood Burning Stove Cleaning

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Looking for a reliable wood burning stove cleaning service in Chicago, IL? If so, Hood Clean Bros is here to serve your needs. We are a seasoned kitchen and restaurant cleaning company that provide a full restaurant, equipment, and wood burning stove cleaning.

wood burning stove cleaning

We are the local cleaning company you and your restaurant deserve. We are the cleaning crew you have been searching for. We are the go-to experts when it comes to cleaning restaurants and kitchens in the Chicago area.

  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Safe kitchen cleaning strategies.
  • Skilled and professionally trained cleaners and technicians.

Hood Clean Bros is highly experienced in deep-cleaning appliances and kitchen equipment, capable of handling kitchen exhaust hood systems, commercial kitchen appliances, and other equipment. We also provide a complete cleaning of wood burning stoves.


You do not have to tackle the cleaning and maintenance of your stove yourself. We have been providing quality cleaning solutions for years. If you want a local and professional wood burning stove cleaning, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Hood Clean Bros Cleaning The Wood Burning Stove

To ensure maximum efficiency of your kitchen and the safety of both your customers and employees, it is important to have regular cleaning and maintenance of the wood burning stove, but above all, you should be able to guarantee that the stove is working the way it should and not posing any danger.


wood burning stove cleaning

To be able to conduct the essential tasks of keeping the wood burning stove clean, you have to know how to properly clean it. Here are some of the cleaning tips and tricks we share with our clients:

  • Inspect before you clean.
  • A bed of ash can easily light a fire so remember to be vigilant.
  • You cannot go wrong with a soft brush or soft cloth.

People hire Hood Clean Bros because of our skills and experience. When you choose to hire our wood burning stove cleaning services, you will receive:

  • Quick and efficient cleaning services.
  • A professional team cleaning the wood burning stove.
  • Tried-and-tested wood burning stove cleaning strategies.
  • Use of safe cleaning supplies.

We are here to serve your cleaning needs with the honesty and professionalism that you need and deserve.

For cleaning your wood burning stove, our expert kitchen equipment cleaners use the following:

  • Protective gloves and apron if necessary.
  • Safety eyewear.
  • Floor and furniture covers.
  • Heavy-duty bucket and shovel for collecting ashes.
  • Safe cleaning supplies and cloths.
  • Vacuum for cleaning the exterior and floors.

For conducting maintenance, Hood Clean Bros use:

  • Heavy-duty floor cleaning equipment.
  • Medium grade steel wool to smoothen surfaces.
  • Stiff-bristled brush to scrub large and thick particles.
  • Paint and stain blocker.


To ensure that our conduct remains of the highest quality, our cleaning process involves:


Inspecting the equipment inside and out.

Before we begin the cleaning, our experts will assess the wood burning stove and the surrounding area. We will examine the inside components to check for any deficiencies or repairs that are required, including checking the glass window and looking for loose screws and broken gaskets.

Utilizing proper kitchen cleaning tools and supplies.

 Careful cleaning is a must to prevent scratching or damaging the stove. At Hood Clean Bros, we follow the best kitchen cleaning practices so you can rest assured we are diligent in our approach to cleaning your kitchen. We use eco-friendly cleaning products as much as possible that are not only stronger and safer to use but are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Cleaning dust and dirt from the exterior surface.

As a seasoned restaurant cleaning company in Chicago, we understand the do’s and don’ts of cleaning. Though the external surface of the stove is the easiest to clean, we will not take chances. Our cleaning crew will still follow safety precautions at all times to prevent damages and accidents, guaranteeing a comprehensive and safe cleaning job.

Collecting and disposing of ashes.

Emptying the ash pan and firebox every now and then is vital in order to avoid it blocking the filters or falling to the floor. We will ensure that the inside of the stove will be spotless once we are done.


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Searching for a professional and trusted Chicago cleaning company? Need a local cleaning team that can do wood burning stove cleaning? You can count on Hood Clean Bros!

We will be glad to offer our kitchen cleaning solutions to you. Our local expert cleaners take pride in conducting the most spotless and thorough cleaning in the Chicago area. With tried-and-true expertise and efficient methods, we can service any restaurant in Chicago to the highest of standards, no matter the specialty or difficulty.


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