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A clean and healthy restaurant is a place where people would want to stay and eat. For an affordable, high-quality kitchen restaurant cleaning service, Hood Clean Bros is the kitchen and kitchen cleaning company you can rely on.

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Professional Restaurant Cleaning


Cleaning, sanitizing, and completely disinfecting the entire restaurant — that is our primary goal. However, with a billion things going on at a restaurant, and all at once, it can be tremendously difficult to figure out what and where to start.

Hood Clean Bros will lessen your burden. We have created a restaurant cleaning checklist that has helped us complete our services with flying colors.

Here’s a breakdown that will give you an idea of our awesome, comprehensive cleaning guidelines:

  • Examine the kitchen equipment like grills, ranges, flattops, and kitchen appliances including microwaves, deep fryers, steamers, and coffee and juice makers. All these items are all going to have food debris, stains, and an abundance of grease. Extensively clean each one of them.
  • Look for the splashes. The floors, walls, and corners of the room tend to have food stains that get overlooked. Wipe them down and sanitize the area.
  • Other kitchen items that get ignored include the faucets and drains. Remove any debris that is clogging the drain and clean out slime molds in and around the faucet and sink.
  • Commercial exhaust systems are prone to contaminants and fumes that may cause fire and health issues. Do not just wipe and clean, but ensure that the dangerous dirt and debris are completely removed.
  • Run the right cleaning and sanitizing solutions through the different sections of the restaurant, in addition to the kitchen equipment and appliances.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen equipment, kitchen hood, and duct, kitchen hood filters. Perform the necessary hood filter inspection and cleaning. Prevent leaving stains behind! 
  • Tiles and grout absorb food spills, stains, and other hazardous contaminants. Never skip scraping out the mildew and mold from them.
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum all the surfaces of the restaurant.
  • Inspect and sanitize the refrigeration and its components such as the air filters and tubes.


Using this restaurant cleaning service checklist allows us to improve our restaurant and kitchen cleaning process. It helps us to easily identify the kitchen cleaning problems that are giving negative connotations to our customer’s business.


Create a culture of healthy, safe, and happy restaurants. Hood Clean Bros is the partner you need. We can provide robust routine checks and cleaning.


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Restaurant Cleaning Service by Hood Clean Bros

Aside from offering hood cleaning services in Chicago, IL, Hood Clean Bros is also known as a restaurant cleaning service company. 

  • We are open 24/7
  • We can accept emergency restaurant cleanup services around Chicago
  • Our professional hood cleaners can conduct maintenance and clean on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Our hood cleaners are experts at inspecting problems, locating dirt and grease, and performing the correct kitchen cleaning solutions.
  • We follow strict restaurant and food sanitation rules and regulations
  • We strive to maintain a specific standard for all our commercial cleaning services
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We cater to businesses, restaurants, and bars of all sizes in Chicago. Talk with our friendly representative to get a free estimate of our customized restaurant cleaning service. We don’t do residential properties, but check out our friends at Cleaning Services Kelowna




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